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Siyahmarti Animation Studios provides production and post-production services as well as animation. It was established in 2005 and has produced a total of 6,000 minutes animated content over 12 years and created several animated series that kids love. The studio has also gained great success and acclamation through the 5 feature films it produced.


Siyahmarti Animation Team consists of esteemed directors, screenwriters, animators, modelers, designers, generalists, compositors and illustrators from all over Turkey. All kinds of experts who are required for a successful animation, are availablein the Siyahmartianimation team. We also team up with our affiliated partners for children’s content services.

Siyahmarti Company is a full-service advertising agency in a creative sense, ranging from brand development to brand positioning, from strategic planning to media planning. In this context, we make concept applications for visual presentations such as TVs, films, announcements and billboards, produce printed media (brochures and catalogs) andnon-printed media (TV films, advertisements) for advertisement purposes. We also create logos, emblems, letterhead groups, packaging designs, fair, stand and stage designs for an integrated corporate identity and image.


In the field of animation production, which is the biggest share of our works, we produce 3D and 2D animations. Besides that, we shoot TV programs and videos, provide editing and sound studio services, and make corporate/product promotion films, concept films, logo animations and radio spots.

Siyahmarti Animation Team produced educational animated series, called “The Two of Us”, “Happy Intelligent Team”, “Pirdino”, “Mole Family”, “Whose Field is It”, and “Pancha&Tantra”, all of which were aired on Turkey’s State Children’s Channel, TRT Çocuk (Trt Kids).
In addition to these, other educational animated series for children such as “Atishoo”, “Tinky Minky Kukuli”, “Nasreddin Hodja – The Time Traveller”, “Water Ambassadors”, and “Alpman” are also among the projects that came alive in our company.


Our feature films designed for children are “Elixir”, “Mole Family – Haunted Forest”, “Sagu Pagu – The Great Treasure” and “Pirdino – Surprise Egg”. For adults, “Mihrez – The Sultan of Djinns” was produced by us as a horror movie in the form of a feature film.


The Siyahmarti family, together with its team, has a structure that focuses on originality and creativity of its designs as well as pursuing the latest trends and technology in the animation industry. We believe in sustainable development through on-job trainings and bringing the best team together for a project.

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